2016 Event Gallery and Highlights

1st January, 1970

2016 Event Gallery and Highlights

A huge thank you to the fantastic speakers we saw at the 2016 launch event. Here is a summary of some of

the key take-away points from various sessions.

Tomasz Motyl – Alior Bank

@tomekmot @aliorbank

In 2015, London saw 608k of new businesses. These new market entrants have already changed traditional

business behaviour… so what about banking?

  • In a world where constant change is the new normal, we need to stay AGILE. We have to change the
    mind of our own people to change the way we think, to embrace risk and collaborate. Once we welcome
    failure, we will become faster and smarter.
  • Customer experience is crucial, however, sometimes we forget about our own employees; give them
    something tangible, at the same time presenting to the customers.

How do we fix the internal issues?

Create an open discussion with the whole of the business.

David Dab – CIO – ING


  • Focus on how to make things happen. Innovation is change – and we don’t like change.
  • Innovation defines what is new, which also defines what is old – requiring less power and resources,
    as machines replace people for tasks, which impacts the organisation as a whole.
  • It’s about testing and not knowing the answer. Striking the right balance between rigidity and flexibility.
  • It’s not hard to find start-ups – the challenge is making them work well together
  • Standardisation is key, ensuring you all speak the same language including methodology e.g. design

Olivier Peeters – BNP Paribas Fortis

@BNPParibas @peetersoli

Olivier originally came from a commercial background, and has experienced the problems of being an
entrepreneur within a business who wants to do something. It’s about enabling the business to prototype,
and that prototype having enough visibility within the bank to get funding for it.

There’s great fault in marketing teams who haven’t seen a client in years. This needs to be a day to day
basis. “Go listen to the client – get out the building!”

BNP creates pop-up teams, taking 4 people of different roles (1 operations, 1 marketing etc.) to create 4
teams during the course of 4 months to come up with a new prototype that they want to see happen. These
people are randomly selected, but never forced. This experience incorporates 200 per year.

They are firm believers that employees should experience different roles, as things do not move quickly
enough when the structures are too strict.

About half of the teams in the 4 months achieve it.

It’s about fixing the basics before taking on the big scale.


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