3 Ways to Keep Innovating Within the Alternative Nicotine Products Industry

1st January, 1970

3 Ways to Keep Innovating Within the Alternative Nicotine Products Industry

3 Ways to Keep Innovating Within the Alternative Nicotine Products Industry

Despite being one of the most regulated industries in the market, the alternative nicotine products are also expected to innovate and adapt to the consumers desires. Which is why, here are 3 basic ways to keep evolving within the next generation nicotine industry.


It is quite obvious that flavor is one of the most important features that the consumer takes into consideration before buying a new nicotine product. However, a study[i] made between 2013 and 2014 confirmed that the availability of appealing flavors, is a primary reason for use in the 81% of youth e-cigarette users. The FDA has a very specific law regarding the manufacturing of flavors for products like vape and e-cigarettes (electronic nicotine delivery systems). The administration has prohibited the production of flavors that are appealing to children, so companies have had to think outside the box and have come up with ideas like true tobacco taste or organic tobacco.

Visual Design

For a long time, visual design has been a very big part of product development. And as its name says this element alone can visually attract the consumer into considering buying the product. It helps to differentiate that particular brand between the thousands of others to which the consumer is exposed during the buying process. The alternative nicotine products are also evolving in this aspect, the consumer can find containers of different colors, products that look like pens or even like real cigarettes.


Technology within the electronic nicotine delivery system products (ENDS) has been a major player in the innovation side of this sector. At the moment, the consumer can easily find an endless list of new features like, no hassle-fill, ready to use pre-filled, a powerful battery and even devices that are as satisfying as a traditional cigarette. Being a young sector, companies can definitely grow more in this area.

The next generation nicotine industry has endless possibilities to keep growing and developing. And as it is certainly viewed as a less harmful option against traditional tobacco products, it can also help smokers to cut back and quit smoking.

If you are a professional involved in the alternative nicotine products industry and you would like to know more about trends and the future of the sector, we recommend you to take a look on our 2018 USA Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference, which is going to happen on the 24th and 25th of April in Atlanta.

[i] Villanti AC, Johnson AL, Ambrose BK, et al. Use of flavored tobacco products among U.S. youth and adults; findings from the first wave of the PATH Study (2013-2014).     


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