5 Benefits of Wearable Technology Usage in Clinical Trials

1st January, 1970

5 Benefits of Wearable Technology Usage in Clinical Trials

With the rise of technology within society, the discovery of wearable technology has also been made. The use of wearable technology and it’s suitability for the clinical trials industry is a heavily discussed topic. It is an emerging market and can potentially have a large impact on the overall mhealth/ehealth strategy.

Benefits of wearable technology use in clinical trials include:

1.      Tackling the challenge of patient recruitment

Patient recruitment has always been an obstacle for research sites and in many ways can affect a trial overall. It can be difficult for physicians to know about all studies and if their patients qualify. Wearable technology today can contribute to the increase of awareness of clinical trials. With more potential patients being aware of trails they qualify for, participation increases and can result to the improvement of accurate data being collected. An example of such technology is the ResearchKit from Apple.

2.      Monitoring patients

Reduction of the number of in-clinic patient visits is a potential of utilizing wearable technologies whilst monitoring patients throughout the clinical trials process. As patients would continuously be monitored there is no longer be the need to schedule appointments to monitor vitals or other important statistics for the trial. The constant monitored data will be sent directly to the research site, making the procedure convenient for both the patient and research team.

3.      Reduction of Costs

It is always a benefit to clinical trials if there can be a reduction to costs as they can be very costly. Monitoring patients through wearable technology is not only convenient but it also reduces overall costs to a trial by decreasing the time and expense of clinical visits. Analyzing data from mobile sensors also provides researchers with extra information to show further benefits of the new drug.

4.      Accurate and real-time data

Through the use of wearable technology, clinical data can be impact largely. Clinical data can be collected in real-time rather than waiting for patients to be seen at site on an appointment basis. It may increase the accuracy and improve the measurements of a drug’s impact, whilst also measuring against other vital signs and bodily functions.

5.      Earlier decision-making opportunity

Providing access to near continuous real-time data offers the opportunity for earlier decision-making. For example, when researchers make amendments to protocols based on how participants react to a drug, the data from wearable technology can contribute to the decision making process

With the many benefits of wearable technology in clinical trials it is clear that the future of usage is bright. The use of wearable technology can offer patients a more consistent and convenient experience, encourage patient enrolment and participation in future trials. In addition, it may allow researchers to analyze and personalize treatment for specific patient groups. Wearable technology is a valuable tool to use in conjunction with more traditional research methods by offering results in an improved context. The usage of wearable technology as it stands improves a clinical trial overall. Be sure to not miss out on learning more about how to maximize the use of wearable technologies in trials to be more time and cost effective in the long run at the upcoming Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast 2018 conference, taking place on May 22-23 in King of Prussia, PA.


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