5 Innovative Packaging Trends for 2018

1st January, 1970

5 Innovative Packaging Trends for 2018

European Packaging trends are highlighting innovation more than ever before, as the typical consumer is becoming more and more demanding and hard to surprise. In addition, smart technologies and new payment methods are shaping new original and advanced consumer trends that reflect on packaging too.

It is not surprising that today’s brands need to be more innovative than ever and listen to customer needs extremely carefully in order to thrive and increase brand engagement and loyalty. This article highlights some key packaging trends that are rising quickly and are believed to be more than relevant in 2018 in order to deliver a product that matches consumer needs. After reviewing key industry insighhts, we listed 5 most important and innovative packaging trends for 2018.

1.      Seamless Spending

With a rise of smart technology and innovative payment methods, people started enjoying extremely quick and sometimes seamless transactions. Brands need to reflect this trend and try to create light and easy to use packaging, especially when it comes to self-check-outs and contactless payments.

2.      Ethical Brands

Ethical packaging is more and more popular with a stable market growth since 2014. Fair traded products should be labelled accordingly as customers want to see more brands promoting fair trading practices.

3.      Environmentally Friendly Packaging

What’s new for 2018 environmental trend is that more people are concerned about air pollution and are investigating this issue more than ever before. They want to see brands helping out with the problem rather than creating it.

4.      On-the-go Trend

When it comes to food and drink industry, packaging trends are changing most rapidly. Last year we have seen a trend for smaller bottles and food packs – that is not going anywhere. In addition, consumer prefers brands that provide reliable on the go packaging for their products.

5.       Natural Labels

Modern consumer engages with natural-looking labels on higher level than bright artificial designs. This trend not only applies to food and drink industry, but also affects clothing, beauty, grooming and interior products.

All of the above considered, advances in technology have been changing consumers’ pace and lifestyle and their consumption trends constantly. Product packaging needs to reflect on those changes in order to keep up with different needs and demands, therefore marketers should never under-estimate packaging trends in order to increase brand engagement and loyalty. To discover more trends for 2018 secure your place at PACE Europe.



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