7 latest consumer trends that have an impact on beverage packaging design

1st January, 1970

7 latest consumer trends that have an impact on beverage packaging design

Innovation will always be the most important factor to remain competitive in the industry, therefore your beverage packaging design needs to be innovative and keep up with the latest consumer trends to make sure that you have a valuable USP set. In this article we listed 7 packaging design trends that are shaping tomorrow’s beverage industry.

1.       Less is more

In the fast-paced world where we are all connected and surrounded by advanced technology, people start looking for simple and minimalistic things. Consumer will want to see more monotones and less complicated patterns & materials when it comes to packaging design.

2.       Once upon a time

People are no longer consuming products – they are buying stories and experiences. Whether it’s a can of craft beer or organic orange juice bottle, your consumer will look forward to figure out a story behind it, so why not to use your packaging design to tell it?

3.       Green is new black

""The interest in organic and natural ingredients is rapidly increasing and don’t seem to go away any time soon. In addition, raw food and veganism waves are shaping drinks sector too – soya milk, rice milk and almond milk will actually be included in UK’s inflation basket from next year! Moving forward, make sure that your packaging design looks fresh and organic to appeal to the ever-changing audience.

4.       Wellness your way

Health and wellness have been in conversation for a good while now, but what we started seeing recently is that concepts have been reshaped and more importantly – personalised. One might consider protein shake a healthy substitution, while another might say that cold pressed smoothie contributes to their wellness. Understanding what is perceived as healthy by your target will be the next challenge for beverage packaging manufacturers.

5.       How about delivery?

E-commerce is rapidly shaping all industries as well, even when it comes to drinks. Think about Amazon dash button as an example – your drink can be delivered to customer’s door step after he/she simply presses a button in his/hers home. The main challenge for marketers and engineers will be to figure out how to keep the best balance between engaging and safe packaging design that will look appealing once delivered to the customer.


6.       Brand transparency

Brands that use fair traded ingredients, support local communities and encourage corporate social responsibility are better perceived by audiences. Use your packaging design to tell your consumers about your values and be completely transparent with them.

7.       Sustainability revolution

Recently brands started seeing more incentives to be sustainable; and not only from governments and authorities, but also from consumers. People do want to contribute to a sustainable future, but it’s not always feasible if, for example, product is not recyclable. Use your packaging design to become more eco-friendly and join sustainability revolution.

Would you like to find more about consumer trends that are shaping beverage packaging design? This October, Beverage Packaging 2017 Congress will provide a platform for you to discuss the use of consumer trends, sustainability challenges and material innovation. If you have any questions or enquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch!



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