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1st January, 1970

About GBPS

At the 8th Global Brand Protection Summit , taking place this 3 and 4 October in Amsterdam, Compelo (formerly Arena) is pleased to bring together the definitive group of executives responsible for technology and strategies to secure and protect global brands. There will be private 1 -2-1 meetings, expert guidance through a first class conference programme and numerous networking opportunities.

On the opening day (3 October) delegates will be able to decide which stream of brand protection they wish to further develop, Cross-Industry or Luxury and Premium brands. Those attending luxury and premium brand protection will start with an overview of the specific challenges in the market by Kevin Mutch who is the group legal director for Fabergé  who will be reviewing opportunities for personalisation and  focusing on the importance of working with customers. He will be followed by Incopro who will be providing a technology update to provide sophisticated tools that can be employed to tackle IP infringement.  This will provide a global overview of IP infringement, how to apply intelligent digital brand protection to fight this and combining intelligence and legal expertise to deliver targeted results.

Providing a history of enforcement strategies, Charles Olschanski, director of investigations for Tiffany will evaluate how to protect against online infringement and provide strategies for companies selling  luxury goods online. Pointer Brand Protection and Research will follow  this with their insight into how to turn consumers into allies to enhance luxury brand protection. Personalisation and customisation as well as digital interaction can be used to good effect to allow your customers to authenticate the brand for themselves. This will be followed by a success story, provided by Leo Longauer, director IP enforcement for Swarovski who will discuss success when brands and platforms work together to fight online counterfeit sales. This will cover what some of the common threats are online,  and examples of how cooperation enhances safer online platforms.

The final presentations for luxury will be concerned with supply chain security. Federica Zambelli , Head of Brand protection at Barzanò & Zanardo will discuss best practices for supply chain security in the Far East, including key challenges unique to the sector and the tools available to address them. Vera Guedes, head of Legal at Sacoor Brothers will finish the day with a presentation on creating a supply chain that is safe, secure and convenient. This will cover what furture factories will look like, learning from serialisation in pharmaceuticals and smart and printed electronics for authentication.

New Global Challenges

Counterfeiting is not a new issue, but the days when only luxury goods were counterfeited and unauthorised music CDs and DVDs were sold on street corners are long gone. Today, counterfeiters are reproducing anything everything. They have become more sophisticated in their methods, which makes fakes increasingly harder to identify. Governments and businesses are being robbed of hundreds of billions in tax revenues, income and jobs whilst consumer safety is put at risk by unsafe counterfeited products.

The total magnitude of piracy worldwide is estimated over $600 billion. Moreover, the trafficking of counterfeit goods is growing. Last year, global sales of anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies were worth $64 billion. That value is projected to exceed $75 billion in 2016.

Protecting YOUR Brand

Any brand protection strategy must involve the company as a whole, with key questions such as how to minimise brand abuse in sales, brand management, marketing, finance, manufacturing and legal departments?

Companies must find an efficient strategy to deal with the consequences of cybersquatters and counterfeiters as grey marketers remain as pressing as ever. The consequence of an ineffective brand protection strategy is not only a loss of revenue but a damaged brand with lower margins and, most important of all, confused and unhappy customers.

But how to make your brand protection strategy a success? A significant determinant of the success of brand protection comes from inside the company. Brands are starting to recognise the influence of company culture on the overall success of brand protection. It is vital to combine investigation and legal action with communication and education within a company, and bring together all players to fight counterfeiting better. The right culture needs to be established in order to win this fight.


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