Building Relationships Between Packaging and Labeling Departments

1st January, 1970

Building Relationships Between Packaging and Labeling Departments

The relationship between the packaging and labeling departments is vital for any manufacturing and pharmaceutical company’s success. Although they have different roles and responsibilities, they all have a common goal in branding and delivering the specifications of their products according to the healthcare and medicines regulatory requirements. Our upcoming Pharma Packaging conference will address this issue and provide solutions on how they can produce a product that is compliant, technologically advanced and sustainable.

Packaging Department

The packaging department are responsible for the innovation and design of the product, as well as the marketing and branding. Their main focus is also ensuring the medicine is protected from infiltration and damage beyond the packaging. For example, the material being strong enough to withstand cracks, mixing with liquids and other chemicals, as well as contamination from other drugs. Packaging staff need to be wary and plan ahead for the transportation phases, such as how the medicines withstand various weather conditions if unprotected, the types of crates and boxes they are sent in, and how they are placed when setting off. Any variables effected by errors made could destroy over 10 to 12 years of hard work in drug development.    

Labeling Department

For the labeling department, it is essential they collaborate with the packaging department on a clear communication basis. The packaging department are not only responsible for protecting the product with their designs, but for supplying their drug specifications on the product. Labeling staff are responsible for spelling errors, the type of font used and their size, color choices, country-specific information and more. In particular, they need to be absolutely certain their labels are following the latest regulatory requirements of serialization set by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DCSCA). If their material isn’t up-to-date or following the regulations, the packaging will need to redeveloped and redesigned which can be very time consuming.

How to Build the Relationship

  • Taking all Views into Consideration – Professionals from both departments will have different perspectives and experience on what is the priority. This will prevent many details from being overlooked as well as respect from your colleagues for having their points of view considered.
  • Communication – In a fast paced and disruptive pharmaceutical environment, communication is vital, so all basis are covered in the development of packaging and labeling. As previously mentioned, both departments need to complete their responsibilities so the end product is created. Any late communication means deadlines are at risk of being incomplete.
  • Flexibility – There are several time-consuming activities involved during the packaging and labeling process. It’s important to be weary of your timeline for completion and involve key stakeholders to address concerns. With new regulations coming into place, each package and labeling specification requires additional regulatory submission for its approval and within a certain time frame. Late submissions means extra expenses and longer time to retest the product. 

Would you like to uncover more tips of building relationships between packaging and labeling departments? This November, the Pharma and Device Packaging and Labelling West Coast 2018 conference takes place in Burlingame, California. You’ll get to hear more advice on completing deadlines, communication and understanding roles of both the packaging and labeling departments.  For more information, please visit or alternatively email us at:




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