Clinical Data Management and Technology

1st January, 1970

Clinical Data Management and Technology

The mutual goal is to ensure the data collected meets quality, integrity and reliability standards to safeguard the patients. To safeguard the patients as well as support the regulatory approval process. How this vital goal was achieved is long in the making.

This article will highlight how clinical data management has progressed over the years:

Implementing Adaptive Clinical Trial Processes

The traditional approach of clinical data management has become more flexible. Previously, data was not moved or amended until the data collection process was complete. However, this has now changed as a result of adapting to contemporary clinical trial methods. This evolution allows pharmaceutical companies to identify and react to errors that occur. Consequently, the trial can now be modified to ensure its effectiveness or alternatively to stop the procedure if a major problem occurs. Adaptive clinical trial processes has been made possible as a result in advancement in technology and computing power.

Shared Health And Research Electronic Library (SHARE)

With the growth of technology, comes convenience such as the existence of SHARE. This resource facilitates collecting, combining and analysing standardized data from early design to end analysis. SHARE allows clinical data management professionals to input data which can be used and communicated for trials worldwide by other pharmaceutical companies and their supply chain.

We can only anticipate what the future holds with the continuous development of technology and the effect it has on data management. It has become increasingly important that specialists adapt to the latest features.

The Clinical Data Integration & Management conference 2018 will bring you more interactive sessions and content to ensure you stay ahead by being up-to-date with the upcoming data processes. This unique opportunity will allow you to network and learn from the most influential organizations on the scene by bringing together clinical data management professionals.


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