Companies Need That ‘Can’ Do Attitude!

1st January, 1970

Companies Need That ‘Can’ Do Attitude!

Set to be a $440.3 billion industry by 2025, sustainable packaging is a thriving industry companies around the world are experimenting in. Now more than ever, big name companies are beginning to rise up and make changes to their products, with visions of fully recyclable products by 2030.

‘Can’ we find a Plastic Substitute?

Tesco became the first Big Four supermarket company to offer water in aluminium cans. Said to be ‘infinitely recyclable’, an aluminium can could be back on the shelf within 60 days of it being recycled! The ‘CanO Water’ partnership was formed with the London company in a fight to create an environmentally safe alternative to plastic bottled water. The co-founder hopes the cans will rival industry giants with their minimal design and cult social media following, attracting the younger generation. Hopefully this is the first step in ending the truckload of plastic entering the ocean every minute.

Tesco is not the only big name making a difference – global soft drink companies such as Danone, Suntory and Nestlé have made their biggest commitment to abolishing the use of single-use plastic bottles, planning for zero plastic packaging to be sent to landfill or find its way into the environment by 2030. However, this is easier said than done, as this ambition requires all stakeholders in the bottled water and soft drinks value chain to commit. That being said, consumer cooperation is just as important in order for the scheme to be a success.

Undergoing a brand revamp themselves, Diet Coke plan to change the whole aesthetic of their products. With that said, they plan to collect and recycle the equivalent of every can or bottle they sell by 2030. Additionally, they want to introduce entirely recyclable packaging and use 50% recycled material in all its bottles by 2030. Coca-Cola is just the latest in its industry to implement these changes, soon to be followed by Danone’s ‘Evian’, proposing all bottles to be made of 100% recycled material by 2025.

Go Green or Go Home

Enforcing the abolishment of “virgin plastics”, the UK government will tax companies if their product does not contain at least 30% recycled material. Although this is not due to come into force until April 2022, companies will begin to reform their packaging strategies long in advance, as not to disrupt the logistics of their products.

The desperate call for change comes as global warming continues to grow at an alarming rate, forcing big names to alter their manufacturing, logistics and even their product. This is not just relevant to the large companies. Small companies are forced to change and adapt. Therefore, planning and learning new strategies in order to drive your company further is essential.


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