Cloud Computing and Public Sector

1st January, 1970

Cloud Computing and Public Sector

Cloud computing might be older than you think, however it’s actually been around us for just a couple years. It was originally introduced in early 70’s but only around 2009 technology companies started seeing a huge increase in demand for space in technology devices. That led to more scientific research into cloud computing, and in 2013 it became a highly demanded service. 

Compared to other sectors, the public one hasn’t taken full advantage of cloud computing. Industry research shows that cloud computing can really set a company from a competition, and make a public sector more efficient, meaning that there is a huge return on investment when using it. If you are not familiar with advantages that cloud technologies can bring to a private or public company, we will list them bellow.

1.      Speed

As you know, cloud computing hardly uses any memory on a hard drive. Not only that helps to save a space on the device, but it significantly increases the speed of all processes, so more time can be spent while working rather than waiting for programmes to load.

2.      Flexibility and mobility

Cloud computing also helps to become more flexible and mobile. Not being tied up to your device and a work place, means that tasks can be done pretty much everywhere and at anytime. The only thing that employer needs to be at work is an internet connection, making job more enjoyable, productive and mobile.

3.      Collaboration

With cloud computing, information, tasks and documents can be shared within seconds. In addition, group tasks can be done online as well, saving time and other resources. With all information kept in a collective storage, specific responsibilities can be shared, allocated and re-allocated really quickly as well. All of that increase collaboration and productivity at a work place.

And that just a very few reasons why cloud computing has a clear advantage against traditional technologies, resulting in increased efficiencies and less expenses, which is really important for a public sector. If you wish to hear more in-depth views and opinions on cloud computing, do not hesitate to visit Government Computing: Digital Transformation for the Public Sector 2017 conference.


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