A CRO collaboration for oncology trials

1st January, 1970

A CRO collaboration for oncology trials

Finding the right CRO for your oncology trial can be challenging, as CRO must have expertise specifically in cancer research. However, good collaboration with CRO can contribute to the success of your oncology trial. Smaller companies should also look into outsourcing as a realistic approach and ideally search for a CRO with Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) experience.

Do I really need a CRO?

Strategic partnership with CRO is an ongoing topic that is constantly supported as well as criticized, and of course it needs to alter and adapt because of forever changing clinical and regulatory landscapes. Relationship with CRO will be discussed at this year’s Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials conference in December where you will be able to explore RBM methods and CRO collaboration for oncology trials.

Why CRO with RBM experience?

Risk based monitoring is the process that improves the quality of a trial. This is done by classifying, assessing, observing and mitigating risks associated with quality and safety of the study. Finding CRO with RMB experience can help you to lower error rate, improve investigation satisfaction, advance your data entry rates, and reduce cost of the trial.

This year’s Oncology event in Munich will…

  • Highlight the benefits of a CRO with RBM experience
  • Determine key areas to focus on
  • Identify ways to incorporate RBM strategies into oncology protocol

Shall I choose CRO with targeted offering in oncology?

Oncology trials are in fact more complex and usually longer than the ones targeted at different diseases, therefore you might want to find CRO that is specialising in oncology. There are over thousand CROs working specifically in oncology. However, if your trial has an adaptive design, you should consider finding a CRO with an adaptive offering.

Benefits of collaborating with a CRO

To finish this article, we summarised the main benefits of partnership with CRO for your oncology trial

  • Improved cost predictability
  • Enhanced time-management
  • Significant savings in the long term
  • Less operational and labour costs
  • Better-quality data entries
  • Less time spent on start-up stage of the trial
  • Increased overall quality of the trial because of all the above, as CRO will help you to complete tasks faster and with better quality output



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