3 steps to take for a better vendor relationship

1st January, 1970

3 steps to take for a better vendor relationship

Maintaining a GOOD vendor relationship can be very hard! You may be confused with the steps you need to take to maintain this relationship. Luckily, I have 3 steps for you to take for a better vendor relationship!

They make mistakes to!

Remember they are human to; they can and will make mistakes in occasion, just like you will. I know it is very frustrating when someone you’re counting on makes a mistake, but being understanding and patient with the vendor will build a better foundation for your relationship to grow. Now, don’t get me wrong somethings vendors can be atrocious and deserve your rage! However, often the mistakes made are the simple ones. The ones were we all go ‘oops’. In simple terms, there is no need to blow your top over a simple error, this will only cause the relationship to go bad, and you will soon have to start looking for a new vendor!


Everyone likes payday, after a long week or month were are eyes are barely open, we check our bank account and WAM! We see our money and were suddenly awake! Although, I’m sure at least once you’ve checked your bank and that bubbling anger starts to boil when your money hasn’t come in… Like I said above, they are people to; they have emotions and deadlines etc. When they are not bad they feel the same way! Now I’m positive if you weren’t paid when promised you would be straight on the phone to your employer chasing and questioning. This is a long and tedious process; no one wants to do it! So why would you not pay on time?    

Now, there could be a miscommunication or rather no communication at all regarding the payment, sometimes the customer has an accounting policy like ‘Net 60’ for example and does not mention that to the vendor during the contract negotiations. ALWAYS make sure to make it apparent when the vendor will be payed and make sure to PAY them on time!

Help each other!

When the vendor agreement is completed, don’t just expect them to crack on and then get mad when the job wasn’t completed to your standard. Usually the vendor needs you to do some of the work too! Throughout the course of the work, make sure that you know exactly what YOU can do to let the vendor efficiently do their part! The key is communication and keeping in contact, just check in and ask if they need anything from you. It will make YOU more desirable to work with!


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