Demand for Non-Alcoholic Beer

1st January, 1970

Demand for Non-Alcoholic Beer

In recent years, we have seen a pattern arising in terms of lifestyle and health. Consumers are demanding healthier options from brands which have led to the beer industry developing to match this trend. Non-alcoholic beer have been growing in popularity all over the world and whilst the majority of these consumers are the health-conscious, beer brands have kept an eye on this trend and are innovating their business to follow.

There has been a noticeable growth from the Middle East which has produced a new wave of non-alcoholic beer – Kevin Baker |GlobalData Consumer| will be reviewing this emergence to define further trends that we can expect in the coming future.

Beer creates a lifestyle image that regular non-alcoholic drinks such as juices cannot mirror. This is why beer companies who are producing non-alcoholic beer are striving amongst the market and achieving market profit within bars and restaurants. Non-alcoholic beer is being portrayed in a sophisticated manor and does not compromise social image.

Along with the health-conscious consumer, non-alcoholic beer is being targeted towards drivers, pregnant women, those on medication, athletes and those who divert from alcohol due to religion. With better technology and experimentation of ingredients (influenced from craft brewing), non-alcoholic beer has a strong selling point to ensure its continued growth

With this category proving stronger than the overall beer market, here are 3 of my favourite non-alcoholic beers to try:


1.       Nanny State – BrewDog, Scotland


Full flavoured craft non-alcoholic beer from Scotland. This brewery has grown massively and expanded in to many bars and restaurants. Nanny State is a hoppy ale so it is full of flavour thanks to its American hops and you wouldn’t notice that it has no alcohol.

Check out the labelling – BrewDog does not differentiate their branding for this beer and it can quite easily blend in as being alcoholic. The packaging is stylish and perfect for those nights in the pub.


1.       Drink’in The Sun 13 – Mikkeller, Denmark


One of my personal favourite brewers – this non-alcoholic beer excels in tropical flavours of lemon and apricot which provides a refreshing experience.

If you go to their bars, they portray elegance and style and this is reflected in their beers. Similar to BrewDog, this non-alcoholic beer presents itself no differently to it alcoholic beer partners. The packaging here however is extremely arty so you can imagine how attracting it would be to the eye for the younger market.


1.       Erdinger Alkoholfrei – Erdinger, Germany


Great for those health conscious consumers as this non-alcoholic beer is also low in calories. Erdinger brew various great styles of beer and this is no different. Being slightly sweeter than other non-alcoholic beers, this is a perfect alternative for those wanting something much lighter. Whilst it doesn’t try to be anything too special, it a perfectly decent tasting beverage.

Compared to the two previous non-alcoholic beers, it is clear to see that the packaging for Erdinger targets a different market – possibly a more sophisticated one as it is more of a traditional style in branding.


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