Digital Marketing: Strategies that attract the millennial guest

1st January, 1970

Digital Marketing: Strategies that attract the millennial guest

How do you market to someone you don’t really fully understand? That is a question a lot of hospitality digital marketers ask themselves when faced with the task of communicating and engaging millennials.

Millennials, the most diverse generation to date, use digital devices to not only locate the best deals but also to be inspired about all the options they have available. This is good and bad for the hospitality industry – there are so many hotels out there trying to communicate however, if you get it right, you are set in good grounds for gaining the engagement of this massive generation group.

The digital world offers marketers various methods to differentiate their hotels:

·         Social media

·         Interaction

·         Mobile

·         Online

·         Personalise

·         Diversity

·         Becoming a brand

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…Social media offers digital marketers a huge amount of opportunity to influence choice-making and interact in unique ways. With increasing numbers of hotels adapting to digital marketing, these channels provide access to new demographics and a chance to build your brand by establishing authenticity, building relationships and moveable engagement. The importance of social media is rising for hoteliers as they are faced with impacts from the sharing economy model – this we have seen implemented in Airbnb, a big competition for the hotel industry, especially when it comes to the millennial market as they are seeking diversity and authentic experiences.

For millennials, the web is everything. This gives digital marketers options to work across various digital platforms to personalise how this audience wants to be communicated to – a chance to understand what is important to them and why they travel – show this savvy audience that you are not just a bed in a room and that your hotel is there to offer them that truly authentic experience.

With all this in mind, digital marketers should always consider that whilst there are a lot of digital platforms, mobiles are key to millennial interaction with any material. This means that your mobile presence has to permit the audience to a design that is easily responsive and accessible.

There will always be a great deal of competition in the way for a hotel to stand out to millennials but a strong and thought out digital marketing strategy is a great starting point.


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