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How many meetings will be organised for me?

There are 18 half-hour meeting slots available over the event. For our suppliers we allocate a set number of meetings – usually as a guaranteed package of 16 meetings over the two forum days.

How do you create the appointment selection of companies we wish to meet at the forum?

Each buyer company and each supplier company is provided with a full list of the buyers/supplier companies attending the event, together with company profiles outlining their main areas of interest and other key information. From this list you make your numerical prioritised choice of the companies that you wish to meet. Our sophisticated meeting database then collates this information and creates the best possible selection of meetings for each supplier and buyer company. The granted meetings are based on these priority requests – giving the highest prioritised selections and mutually requested meetings.

When will I see my itinerary of meetings?

Approximately one or two weeks before the event every supplier and buyer is sent their personalised Preliminary Schedule showing their itinerary of meetings at the forum. At this stage both supplier and buyer delegates review their meeting schedule and they have the opportunity to get back to us with any comments or to alter any meetings they consider ‘wholly inappropriate’. The Final Meeting Schedule is available for collection on-site at the hotel venue on the Wednesday morning prior to the forum commencing.

Are there sponsorship opportunities at the event?

Yes, please contact Stephanie Parretti, Head of Conference and Forum Portfolio at sparretti@arena-international.com

What networking opportunities are available at the forum?

Essentially we look at the forum as 48 hours of combined formal meetings and social networking opportunities. From the moment of your arrival at the hotel you will have numerous periods to network with other buyers and suppliers at any one of the drinks receptions, coffee lounges or dinners which take place during the course of the forum.

Can I build an exhibition stand or have a demonstration area?

The whole concept of the event is based on focused, one-to-one, business meetings and moves away from the traditional industry trade shows and exhibitions. We advise that suppliers bring whatever they need in a briefcase or presentations on their laptops. However there will be a limited exhibition area in the main hospitality area.

How do you secure the buyer delegates attendance?

In our experience a small percentage of buyers experience unavoidable last-minute problems which prohibit them from attending the forum. However, we do have agreements with all our buyer delegates that in such instances they should send a suitable replacement. If they cannot attend we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee based on the costs incurred. In addition to this we have a waiting list of buyer delegates of equal importance to our confirmed delegates list.

Can I arrive early or stay on at the hotel after the forum?

Yes, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Parretti, Head of Conference and Forum Portfolio at sparretti@arena-international.com if you have any special requirements and we will endeavour to assist you.

Does the organiser arrange my travel insurance or Visa requirements?

Visa applications are solely the responsibility of the individual delegate. Nevertheless, Arena International will provide a formal letter of invitation and also ask the hotel location to send a confirmation of your accommodation to assist with your application process. Please do contact Stephanie Parretti, Head of Conference and Forum Portfolio at sparretti@arena-international.com when you are applying for your visa.

All delegates are responsible for their own insurance (including but not limited to travel insurance, personal insurance and personal effects) and vaccinations (where applicable).

Will I have any free time at the forum?

There are plenty of free time and networking opportunities available at ABF in-between the seminar/roundtable sessions and the meeting schedules. The evenings at the forums are organised by us to ensure maximized networking opportunities. There will be drinks receptions and Sponsored Gala Dinners.






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