Government in a digital world

1st January, 1970

Government in a digital world

Digital transformation affects every industry and sector imaginable and can no longer be ignored. Public sector is not an exception, therefore it is important for government to understand these digital changes and adjust their day to day operations to make them more efficient.

Digital transformation in government is something that needs to be analysed and understood now, in order to make sense of what challenges and opportunities will government be facing. This article outlays 3 key areas that are affecting today’s public sector and government, and points out why it’s important.

1.      Keeping up with the pace and user’s expectations

Whether you are operating in a private or public sector, you need to stay competitive; consequently external changes in the industry must be treated with consideration. Today’s government in must act now to transform its operations, due to continuously growing user’s expectations.

Government Computing 2017 event will have plenty sessions to address this issue, for example Matt Parsons, Head of Policy and Engagement at Government Digital Service, who is leading technical change in the sector, will be speaking about evolution and revolution of the government in a digital era.

2.      Disruptors in government sector

Another important issue is digital disruptors that are shaking industries these days. Perfect examples are cloud technology or workforce mobility that is transforming the way government should operate.

To help you understand industry disruptors better, there will be workshops at Government Computing 2017 conference. Throughout the event, many engaging topics, like the role of cloud in supporting next generation government, or workforce mobility and flexibility in working practices to support agile government, will be discussed.

3.      Government and resources allocation

Every big change requires government resources to be re-evaluated and allocated in the most efficient manner. This might be challenging, as there are many different opinions for doing that. Government Computing conference is going to suggest the steps to success in a digital era.

For instance David Bicknell, editor of Government Computing, will be speaking about collaborative procurement to support change programmes, and Mattthew Cain, Head of Digital at Buckinghamshire County Council will be showing how to make digital transformation happen through organisational change.

Visit our conference in April 2017 to get more insights about government in a digital world, and understand what steps lead to success in a digital era. Tickets are limited, so book in advance!


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