How are Smart Labels Affecting the Clinical Environment?

1st January, 1970

How are Smart Labels Affecting the Clinical Environment?

Smart phones and smart watches are common terms which we hear in the 21st century. With the help of technology, many traditional products have been modified to cater toward contemporary consumer preferences. As this modification continues in the consumer sphere, the same is slowly appearing in the clinical space.

Predominantly, labeling has been a huge headache for many clinical professionals. Regulatory updates and globalization are just some of the factors which have stretched its complexity. In order to minimize the risk of trial failure, efficiency in this area has surged dramatically in the past decade. Collaboratively, such drives along with the rapid growth of technology, has spearheaded the concept of Smart Labels. Its unique features can defuse previous challenges, and now many companies are trying to capitalize on this technology.

How Do Smart Labels Work?

To function, the process requires 3 parts, a code (NFS tag), a reader (a device equipped with the technology, e.g., a mobile phone) and an app (which provides access to the information). Already, the smart phone requirement means it eliminates those which lack this vital technology.

Nonetheless, Smart Labels not only brings benefits for identification, but also patient engagement. Once scanned, actions can be carried through the app. For instance, it can remind you of consumption and dosing videos.

It is no wonder why this is the future of labeling! If you would like to hear an exclusive case study from Hans von Steiger, Group Leader, Clinical Supply Chain Management from Pfizer, this is an unmissable event for you! In this session, Hans will be:

·         Discovering the benefits to users and the risk factors associated with smart label

·         Considering E-labelling as a solution for remote expiry date amendments required by Annex VI

·         Designing processes to comply with variances in international E-label regulation

·         Drawing actionable insight from real world examples on the use of E-labels in PhaseⅡ studies

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