How to Package your Products

1st January, 1970

How to Package your Products

Working alongside advertisement campaigns, product packaging plays an integral role in attracting customers to purchase. Having the perfect product is no longer the key to its success, instead, it comes down to whether consumers will even give your product a chance.

Packaging is the voice of the brand and the product, and with this weighing down on it, the design and message it portrays is key. Customers make decisions on what they want to purchase in a matter of seconds, therefore capturing their attention in that space of time is where the real impact is made.

What Does Your Product Smell Like?

Although sustainable and biodegradable materials are at their peak of popularity, one of the newest crazes in the packaging industry has to be scented packaging. Rocketing at a rate of 15% per annum, the scented packaging industry was named a $300 million industry back in 2016. Paving the way in the scented packaging movement is Scentmaster, a company producing scents and flavours to then be added to polymers in the plastic of a products packaging.

What does the scent of the packaging have to do with selling the product? Scents are processed by the olfactory bulb which starts inside the nose. This then feeds to the bottom of the brain directly connected to two areas strongly implicated in emotion and memory. This can go one of two ways for package developers. If the smell generates a negative emotion or memory, the product would likely fail with customers, therefore perfecting and finding the right scent that works for your product is essential.

Among the leading brands adopting this is Pepsi. In 2013, they tried to counter the possible negative impact a scent could have on customers by creating their own scent, designed to mask unpleasant fragrances, linking the emotional memory of the consumer back to the brand.

Catching the Eye of the Consumer

Understanding colour psychology is imperative when creating branding. Each colour is able to tap into the emotions brand designers want you to feel. For example, ‘Tesco’s Finest’ range. All packaging is black/dark grey with silver with extravagant fonts. These colours are designed to spark sophistication, power, strength and elegance, which is the perfect theme for the brand ‘Tesco’s Finest’. Being able to manipulate what consumers think before they know the product is all down to this.

Ways in which you can test that your packing is eye-catching enough is eye tracking. This process consists of creating a mock-up of your product and packaging, and placing it on the shelf while a shopper browses through. You then track their eye activity, noting what they focussed on, whether your product was noticed, and what products were noticed. Finding out which types of branding work for the consumer is a great way to gauge how successful the packaging will be when it hits the shelf. You can then make alterations based on what drew the customer’s attention the most.


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