Incorporating New Technologies into Clinical Trials

1st January, 1970

Incorporating New Technologies into Clinical Trials

Technology has improved efficiency throughout time. From a wheel to a computer, they have transformed the way we perform tasks and the same is occurring in the clinical space. A vast sum of technology is currently being tested to create a safer clinical environment for the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been central to many conversations in recent years. Having cemented itself to many industries, its integration into the clinical space is nearing. Capable of performing human tasks and crunch through huge amounts of data is what makes AI appealing. Throughout a trial, a mass of clinical data is recorded, and such computer systems can provide robust and reliable conclusions to some critical questions.

Reducing danger

Despite some of the negative outcomes, clinical trials are indispensible. Without it, cutting edge treatment would not be tested, dramatically affecting the population in the now and future. With a ton of risk involved, the stakes are huge. However, clinical trial technology like machine learning enables clinical professionals to leverage on past and current trial data. Consequently, we can comprehend past data more efficiently to diminish patient risk unlike never before.  


In an already complex environment, patient recruitment continues to challenge the pharma industry. The traditional, manual method to analyse unstructured records was incredibly time consuming.

Unlike the past, clinical professionals can now utilise natural language processing to read and evaluate inclusion and exclusion criteria for a trial. This means relevant personnel can be matched to a trial in record speed, which could directly affect patients in the present and near future.

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