Leveraging Computational Fluid Dynamics to Enhance Fire Safety

1st January, 1970

Leveraging Computational Fluid Dynamics to Enhance Fire Safety

In the fire protection world, countless regulations are in place to ensure public safety. With lives at risk, multiple tests are conducted to gain an in-depth understanding of different scenarios. As such, it is commonplace to create artificial scenarios, mimicking potential disasters that can put lives in danger. Consequently, we can implement effective measures accordingly, protecting both users and rolling stock infrastructure.

Nevertheless, different variables can have a major impact on any scenario. As a result, multiple tests are required, and the use and damage of materials subsequently raises costs. Expensive bills along with technological advancements have led to a new technological breakthrough, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Through mathematical formulas, CFD is able to analyse figures and data structures to determine fire growth, propagation, smoke movement, and the effects of sprinklers. Thus, allowing fire safety professionals to simulate fire incidents without amounting huge costs.

Despite its usefulness, many have questioned its accuracy. Measurement errors may cause discrepancies between model predictions and experimental data. As a result, small scale simulations are being carried out to validate CFD.

As this technology continues to break into the fire protection world, how are we utilising it to ensure maximum safety? Join us at this year’s Fire Protection of Rolling Stock conference as Joaquim Font Canyelles (Stadler) shares his expert knowledge with us. In this session, we will be:

·         Measuring the possibility of computer modelling as a tool that can deliver the equivalent results to real world testing

·         Using small scale simulations to validate the accuracy of CFD thus influencing its potential to be used for larger scale tests

·         Utilising CFD to guide and plan tests by predicting matters such as heat release, force penetration and potential outcomes

·         Overcoming the ambiguities of assumptions that can skew results of CFD by promoting accuracy and methodology being showcased

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