Just Drinks presents: Low & No 2022

Virtual Event
27th April 2022

Just Drinks presents: Low & No 2022

This April, Just Drinks is bringing together key beverage industry leaders and observers to discuss the current and future landscape for low- & no-alcohol beverages. Researchers and analysts will dissect the market and forecast where the category, and its opportunities, are in a post-pandemic world. Areas include:

Disruptive Innovation – Is low & no’s product and packaging contemporary and creative enough to compete? How are start-up companies capitalising on their ‘at-speed’ abilities? What can be deduced from consumer data analysis?
Flavour and sensory – The development of options that provide real alternatives to alcohol and cater to modern tastes.
Branding and messaging – What works? What doesn’t? Evaluating branding and messaging practices to understand what drives ‘real’ consumer engagement on a crowded shelf or backbar.
Physical and mental health – exploration the health & wellness trend and positioning low & no to capitalise.
Consumer behaviour and lifestyles – Creating a lasting brand that appeals to consumers in the post-COVID environment.
On- and off-premise potential – Which channel works best for which product? Does one approach fit all?

Disruption, market trends and the return to ‘normal’ - What to expect

Prepare for the future with advice from the biggest brands and their owners. What were their learnings and where are the pitfalls? Hear from the disruptors of tomorrow in low & no.

Learn more about the trends on the consumer’s radar, from flavours to texture, from pack to message. What does the consumer really want?








Attendees at Director+ level

Why attend?

  • Just-Drinks brings together high-level executives, branding and packaging experts as well as creative, outside-the-box innovators. Meet up, make connections and ask your questions.

  • Develop key insights into emerging trends and opportunities that will keep your business competitive and agile. Take part in informative talks that will increase your understanding of brand innovation, consumer demands and the increasingly critical role technology and data plays within no & low.

  • Take away insights and connections with industry experts to drive your strategy and enable your business to weather future risks.

Sponsor Information

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Valentin Gerasimuk
Head of Business Development – Consumer
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Speaker Information

To enquire about speaking opportunities for the conference, please contact:

Amy Malkani
Senior Conference Producer
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