Low and No 2022

Virtual Event
27th April 2022

Low and No 2022

Arena International proudly present our 2nd Low & No Virtual event!

The conference brings together experts from the low and no alcohol space to lead key discussions that enable key players to better predict where the category is headed so they may tap into its increasing potential and build around emerging opportunities including:

  • Disrupting Innovative concepts - Looking at what’s happening in the low and no space in terms of new products, portfolio expansion and trending ingredients 
  • Sensory and flavour appeal – Developing non-alcoholic alternatives that give adults the real spice and burn experience related to an ‘adult’ beverage
  • Innovate or imitate - Understanding the key differentiators in messaging, branding and consumer engagement to ensure long term success
  • Wellness, excitement and balance – Exploring factors that determine the increasing demand for no and low beyond the health-conscious consumer
  • Keeping up with new consumer behaviours and lifestyle – Creating a strategy designed for longevity in a consumer market post covid
  • On / Off Trade potential – Considering a retail strategy that encourages main-stream category development

What to Expect for 2022?

Hear from some of the biggest and most innovative brands in your market. Learn what is round the corner in terms of future trends, NPD, product innovation and opportunities for growth.

Hear from a mixture of the biggest brands including as well as new and upcoming disruptors.

Equip yourself for the next 12 months by hearing about new trends in textures, flavours, product types, growth areas and understanding what it is that consumers really want.


Attendees to meet each year


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Attendees at Director+ level

Why attend?

  • Meet CEOs, Managing Directors, Commercial Directors, Heads of R&D and Global Expansion and many more from some of the biggest brands in the industry as well as the most exciting disruptive start – ups in this intellectually driven conference that will better prepare you for the rapidly developing beverage landscape.

  • Identify gaps in the market born of growing trends and emerging opportunities as well as key trends in consumer demands that can be leveraged in order to increase brand relevance and ensure success.

  • Take away experiences and insights from your beverage industry peers so that you can feel confident in your 2022 strategy and beyond by changing course for a more resilient and robust business strategy post-pandemic

Sponsor Information

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities for the conference, please contact:


Valentin Gerasimuk
Head of Business Development – Consumer
T: +44 (0)207 936 6794
E: Valentin.Gerasimuk@arena-international.com

Speaker Information

To enquire about speaking opportunities for the conference, please contact:


Amy Avanzato
Senior Conference Producer
E: Amy.avanzato@arena-international.com