Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA 2022

15th-16th June, 2022

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA 2022

We are bringing the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA 2022 to the sunny and bright Miami! This event will bring together business leaders from the ENDS, and tobacco industry across the US market together with solution providers for a day full of valuable insights, discussion and debate into how manufacturers can –

· Address generational differences and shifts in taste as the health and wellness agenda intensifies
· Anticipate growth in new categories of products, including tobacco and nicotine.
· Increase user experience by providing stimulation and pleasure
· Review recent product innovation in formats and portfolio development to identify opportunities for growth
· Offset the predicted decline of cigarette consumption
· Create alternative formats from buccal to inhalation to appeal to a new consumer

From latest regulations and customer trends, all the way to the distribution landscape and international opportunities, the program will tackle the most pressing issues within the vaping industry and will leave the audience not only with actionable strategies to facilitate legal compliance but with greater insight into the components of commercial success.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

What to Expect for 2020?

The leading event to connect the nicotine industry to drive a strong future in tobacco and nicotine derived products by aligning strategic priorities to reach new heights of consumer reach and profitability




  • Identify gaps in the market born of new regulations, growing trends and emerging opportunities as well as key trends in consumer demands that can be leveraged in order to increase brand relevance and ensure success.

  • Meet CEOs, Managing Directors, Commercial Directors, Heads of R&D and Global Expansion and many more from some of the biggest brands in the industry as well as the most exciting disruptive start – ups in this intellectually driven conference that will better prepare you for the rapidly developing beverage landscape.

  • Take away experiences and insights from your tobacco and nicotine sector peers so that you can feel confident in your 2021 strategy and beyond by changing course for a more resilient and robust business strategy as the cannabis market continues to strengthen