Overall Winner

1st January, 1970

Overall Winner

Park Hyatt Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

The Park Hyatt hotel opened its first luxury resort in Europe. AECOM provided landscape architecture, economics, masterplanning and cost management services. We drew inspiration from the stunning Cap Vermell Estate and helped create a five-hectare resort which boasts a blend of the natural and built environment. The designs pay homage to the native landscape and the area’s strong agricultural background. The resort sensitively combines the site with the surrounding mountainous region on the north east coast of the island. This recreates the character of traditional country houses set on hillsides.

Our specialist resort team understands the importance of creating a sense of place, by merging the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, so guests perceive the private outdoor areas as an extension of their interior.

To achieve this, our team undertook various innovative methods. Innovation is at the core of our design; from water heating to natural flora, many elements were designed to be suitable and sustainable for the environment and the area’s heritage.  3D site and storm water modelling was carried out on this complex multi-level resort, looking at ways to protect the development from flooding. These measures where incorporated into the landscape design, by utilising local agricultural plants which minimise water use.

Newly planted areas are served by a bespoke irrigation system based on metrological data that monitors precipitation and soil moisture levels to deliver correct irrigation needs. As a result, the natural drainage was picked up as a story to showcase a new central rock water feature through the middle of the site and cascading into the main pool. 

As the guest enjoys the journey along the water, the buildings wrap around to take advantage of the views, which in turn creates interesting and unique spaces.

In terms of the water heatingfor both hot water supply and the swimming pool, heating will be done using certified biomass renewable fuel boilers. From water to the plants, our thorough knowledge of the site was reflected in the planting. The landscape design uses carefully chosen indigenous species of planting, wherever possible concentrating on those plants which are known to flourish in the immediate vicinity of the site. 

Park Hyatt Mallorca demonstrates how the native landscape can be intertwined successfully with the resort’s luxury use through the use of innovative designs and techniques. A fully-fledged and mature landscape has grown up seamlessly around the hotel’s sixteen separate buildings.


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