Pharmaceutical labelling in the 21st Century – E labels

1st January, 1970

Pharmaceutical labelling in the 21st Century – E labels

It is commonly known that the pharmaceutical industry has an exceedingly high standard for safety, quality, and procedural accuracy in contrast to other sectors. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, regulations have tightened in many areas to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products. One of which has caused a significant impact to the industry, creating a challenge which concerns every manufacturer in the clinical space, you might have guessed it, its labelling!

In the modern era, many authorities around the world are demanding companies to present an increasing amount of information on labels to increase patient safety, from warnings to cautions, strength to bath number; the jam packed label is full of information and has led to smaller fonts, sometimes in 4px making it difficult to read. Consequently, new initiatives such as the booklet label were introduced to combat this labelling problem.

Failure to comply with labelling regulations can lead to profound consequences, such as custom fines, shipments returned/held; creating delays which means patients won’t get their clinical trial materials on time and an increase in costs to renew the labels as well as settling the fines. Thus the importance for companies to comply with these labelling regulations can be crucial to managing costs and timeliness.

With the extreme pace of technological innovation in every sector, a solution has been discovered with the use of technology. E-labelling has been deemed the ultimate resolution to this ongoing issue. E-labels are an electronic label which stores information on the web, such flexibility means the information can be modified online if changes do occur, saving a significant amount of resources.

Other benefits include:

·         Reduced delays

·         Enhanced patient safety

·         Instant update

·         Reduces deviation 

Find out more practical benefits of e-labelling, join us at this year’s CTS East Coast conference as we welcome, Nicohle McGeorge from Transcelerate/Bristol-Myers Squib, to share how this technological innovation can expedite packaging and labelling timeliness. Find out more on this year’s programme here, alternatively you can email us at:


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