Products as High as their Demand – Cannabis Vapes

1st January, 1970

Products as High as their Demand – Cannabis Vapes

One of the biggest trends to come out of the legalisation of marijuana for adults has to be the explosive growth of vape pens. Although the traditional method of consuming cannabis remains the most popular, that is not expected to last as cannabis consumers are making the switch to vape pens.

Vaping hosts a world of health benefits! For one, it’s significantly healthier than smoking tobacco or cannabis. Smoking a cigarette creates tar in your body, blackens teeth, destroys taste buds, and has cancer causing effects. Contrary to this, vapes have much lower exposure to those toxins, posing a smaller risk to health.

There has never been such a large selection of vape cartridges for customers to choose from, ranging from blueberry to chocolate mint. What’s clear is that this movement shows no sign of abating. Cannabinoid (CBD) has been a component in several brands’ products for recent years. While market awareness stands to improve, the current knowledge around the CBD is enough to make it a viable cannabis sector. Back in 2016, Forbes projected the market for CBD alone could grow by 700 percent!

The Green Revolution is Upon Us

The world is going green, and I’m not talking about recycling! Canada’s legalisation of recreational cannabis in October has paved the way for countries around the world to reform their own views on the substance. One instance being the U.K.’s allowance of medicinal marijuana on the NHS.

Despite the U.K. Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, insisting this does not mean the U.K. will be making the drug legal for recreational use; he has noticed that reform was needed for medical purposes. However, this is not the only exposure the UK has to cannabis. The CBD market has doubled in size over recent years, and alongside hemp oil, they are taking the skin cosmetics industry by storm as they compete among the best in the business, proving themselves on the big stage.

In Somerset, England, a cannabis company has opened their first store for medical cannabis products. Manufacturing a range of cannabis products including oil, balms, vape juices, capsules and many more, the company then distributes to pharmacies, healthcare shops and vaping outlets, across the U.K.

Why choose oil over the classic cannabis plant? A huge convenience for the vape oil is once you find the exact amount of CBD or THC oil that’s sufficient, you can continue with that measurement and achieve your desired experience every time. While you can certainly buy the same amount of a particular strain on a regular basis, there is no means of measurement. This isn’t the case with store bought cannabis oil where it is lab-tested and measured out. Whether you want its mood-changing or therapeutic effects, consistency is important.


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