Quality Control throughout the supply chain

1st January, 1970

Quality Control throughout the supply chain

The distribution and purchasing of drugs has seen continued increase over the years with no current sign of slowing down. With this increase, it has never been more important for pharma companies large and small to ensure their quality control is the strongest it can be from beginning to end.  As a consequence of bad quality control, pharma companies are losing out on thousands of dollars.

Here at the launch of Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals USA, we aim to provide you with all the defining points that ensure the correct standards are met and followed through with by each party involved in the development and distribution, including the professionals in charge of the overall quality control measuring.

Drugs are a dynamic product whose colour, consistency and weight determine the stability of the drugs nature – the correct storage and handling assure that the medicine reaches the patient safely and effectively and in turn provides the patient the correct treatment that they are expecting.

Quality control must be high at all points to ensure the quality remains sufficient:

·         Manufacturing

·         Packaging

·         Shipping

·         Warehousing

·         Dispensing

·         Patient Handling


The manufacturing of the drugs is the first stage where quality control determines whether the drug can be used. Pharma companies do not need to worry about this stage so much as training of in house developers is most often at an extremely high level.


Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals will be joining us to discuss how selecting the right packaging solutions is important in quality control of products. This session will be key for ambient temperature products due to increases in cost of packaging to ensure room temperature conditions are maintained.


As mentioned previously, charges build up when quality control is not the best it can be. The shipping of drugs is a crucial stage as it leaves the hands of experienced pharma professionals and carried on by companies who may not have training at the same level for dealing with these products. Bill McGillian, Associate Director of Global Logistics at MERCK will provide a presentation on the factors that should be considered when deciding what mode of transport will be used and how this decision can affect business goals.


With this year’s event focusing in how to minimize excursions during the last mile, ROCHE will join us to explain the challenges of quality control and show how we can support the retailer in providing the right environment.

Patient Handling

Unfortunately once the drug makes it to the patient’s hands, we are unable to ensure the drug remains of a stable conditions. Providing the correct instructions for the patient is the only method that we can use from quality control methods- this requires communication that is understandable to the patients.

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