Spirit Strategies & Innovation Conference

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel
20th-21st October, 2021

Spirit Strategies & Innovation Conference




Arena International are proud to present the 10th annual Spirits Strategies Conference being held in London!

After the whirlwind year or so the Spirits industry has had, there is so much to discuss and explore in this two-day event. As the world opens up its social venues, the industry has the opportunity to flourish again in the on-trade but must ensure they prepare for any possibility in the future. Bringing together the top-level executives from various companies ranging from big to small, the 2021 Spirits Strategy looks to cover:

  • Regulation and the effect government guidelines have had on smaller distillers that rely solely on the on-trade market for business
  • Ecommerce and the importance of investing in a solid ecommerce model to ensure consumers always have access to products but also how to keep that attention without a shelf display
  • Covid 19 and the various effects the pandemic had on various departments within the Spirits industry
  • Sustainability and Branding and how the attention to these categories can ensure success for a company 

This event provides an unrivalled platform for networking with key decision-makers alongside offering a unique opportunity to learn from and meet with respected industry professionals. We have created a unique platform bringing together strategy, product development and sector strategists to deliver a 360° view on the best ways of ensuring sustainability goals are met.


Why Join Us?

  • Watch cutting edge presentations from 20+ speakers
  • Connect with industry leaders from leading manufacturers to regulatory bodies
  • Meet a regional audience – Chat with experts in your field

What to Expect ?

The Spirit Strategies meeting is the perfect forum to discover new innovations & solutions as well as the chance to network with top industry professionals.


Attendees to meet each year


Exhibitors to meet each year


Talks from


Attendees at Director+ level

Why attend?

  • Hear the latest updates and case studies from industry experts

  • Meet with the top industry professionals

  • Come together with peers to create lasting connections


To enquire about sponsorship opportunities for the conference, please contact:

Valentin Gerasimuk

Head of Sponsorship
T: +44 (0)207 936 6794
E: Valentin.Gerasimuk@arena-international.com


The Spirits Strategies programme is written in collaboration with industry, if you have a case study, idea or just a comment, please contact:

Rebecca Mayoh

Programme Director
T: 0161 359 5938
E: rebecca.mayoh@arena-international.com