1st January, 1970


The Asociación Española de Túneles y Obras Subterráneas (AETOS – Spanish Tunnels and Underground Works Association) was created with scientific/technical aims and as a non-profit-making organisation in 1973, legalised in 12 November 1974 and entered in the General Register of Associations on 24 December 1974. It originated as a consequence of an international conference at a governmental level held in Washington in 1970, in which the twenty participating nations, including Spain, committed themselves to promoting the world of underground works.

The purposes of the Association are:

To promote study and research: Promoting, within its competence and possibilities, study, research and other activities tending to improve the dictates and application of the technical and administrative standards referring to the use of tunnels and other non-mining underground excavation works, in all their planning, execution and operating phases, as well as matters related to the use of the subsoil, especially in the urban context, in their aspects of legal regulation, information and optimum use by the community.

To encourage contact and collaboration: Collaborating with other outside organisations or similar and making connections with them or with public or private, national or foreign people or entities interested in the same aims as the Association, for mutual support and exchange of knowledge and experiences. So, for example, the Association forms a part, as a member with full rights, of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA), which includes 39 countries from the five continents.

To drive knowledge and training: Promoting knowledge of the subjects which form a part of its activity, by means of correspondence, circulars, publications, courses, conferences, symposia, exhibitions and any other appropriate expressions.

To offer support and advice: Providing, by its own initiative or on request from interested parties, people or bodies, reports and suggestions on these matters or any other action which could contribute to the promotion and improvement of the construction or operation of tunnels and other non-mining underground excavation works.


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