Sustainability & branding: how are they connected?

1st January, 1970

Sustainability & branding: how are they connected?

Modern consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, therefore brands need to take their needs in consideration in order to thrive. On top of fairly new beverage packaging trends, like personalisation, convenience, or experiential packaging, sustainability is becoming increasingly important as people want to see more sustainable and eco-friendly beverage packaging innovations.

Beverage industry and sustainability

From bottled water to non-recyclable coffee cups, from individually wrapped instant drinks to small sized beverages at hotel fridges and airplanes – beverage industry contributes to packaging waste figures significantly. Rationally manufacturers and major brands in respective industries should encourage sustainability, circular economy and recyclable packaging. But is it only sustainability concerns that drives this industry to be more eco-friendly?

Constantly growing interest in ethical beverage brand

Every brand owner, without a doubt, understands that packaging contributes to a product’s branding and storytelling. Consumers develop first impressions depending on how product looks, as well as form perceptions based on standard factors like colour, style, material, etc. However recently beverage industry started recognising that modern customer formulates his or hers perceptions around the brand based on many “invisible” factors, for example – are ingredients fair traded? Is the packaging harmful for the environment? Is the product eco-friendly? People want to buy and engage with an ethical brand, and sustainable packaging is one of the ways to tell them that your brand is exactly like that!

Clean label is becoming standard

With growing interest in ethical consumption, handful of packaging qualities that were once considered as a premium, are now becoming standard. Modern consumers want to know what are they buying, where are ingredients and materials coming from, and more importantly – where is the packaging going after they consume the drink. This shows a clear link between sustainability and branding, as audience wants to engage with ethical brands more.

How does sustainability affect your brand?

It is clear that moving forward all brands will need to use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions in order to stay competitive. If you want to set yourself ahead of this race, we do recommend visiting Beverage Packaging Congress in October as sustainability will be one of the biggest topics on the agenda. In addition packaging solution providers will be there to showcase their innovative services and answer any questions that you may have with regards to sustainability.

All in all, packaging sustainability has a major impact on your brand, as re-usable, eco-friendly packaging can:

1.       Communicate corporate social responsibility to target audience

2.       Provide total brand transparency to the customer

3.       Add emotional and social benefits to product’s USPs

4.       Make positive social and environmental impact by sustaining resources and reducing waste

5.       Protect a product, as sustainable packaging extends product’s shelf life

6.       Provide you with financial benefits as sustainability is supported by various authorities

7.       And most importantly, help you to engage with consumer even more by extending product’s lifecycle



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