The 5 Rules to Ensure Optimal Results from your CRO

1st January, 1970

The 5 Rules to Ensure Optimal Results from your CRO

Here are five steps to make sure you do not select the wrong CRO:

1.       Identify the Biggest Challenge in your Clinical Trial

Before selecting the correct CRO, identify key challenges in your trial. Once you have identified the key threat, you are then able to find a partner that has the expertise and knowledge to handle the challenge throughout the trial. This will be your main indicator on which company to partner with.

2.       Exaggerated Promises

CRO selection can be tricky and it is common knowledge that many will tend to exaggerate their skills, knowledge and availability to attract new business. Also, you may be in a hurry to find a partner as quickly as possible. Combining both of these situations will affect the outcome of the trial before it has even begun. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely!

3.       Clarify each other’s goals from the offset

There will always be differing goals on both sides which will need to be aligned from the beginning to ensure trial success. Creating objectives before executing the trial will help ensure a smoother running trial while meeting each other’s aims.

4.       Communication is Key

Building strong communication lines with your CRO is vital as this is the main ingredient for trial success. Miscommunication can create problems and therefore be detrimental to end results. Constant contact with your CRO will allow rapport to be built and this will relay in the results produced.

5.       Strong Partnership Structure

The partnership between CRO and sponsor needs to be strong which needs to encourage involvement from all aspects. There needs to clear established roles from the outset so both parties can execute their roles effectively.

Operational challenges can affect the end result of your trial, however following the rules above will allow you to receive optimal results from your CRO. This year’s Preclinical Development Operations Summit 2018 event will gather industry experts from the preclinical sector to discuss, collaborate and network with key service provides and other biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies. Our two-day event will encourage conversations on how to overcome operational challenges in the preclinical space. Click here to register yourself for this year’s event.


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