The Complexity of Clinical Packaging

1st January, 1970

The Complexity of Clinical Packaging

As multiple factors have entered the clinical sphere, its complexity continues to widen. Constant changes to the clinical environment calls for new strategies to be developed and employed. To sustain competitive advantage, each area of discipline within the supply chain needs to be performing at an optimal level. It is this integral development which will allow companies to speed up the product to market.  As a result, every part of the supply chain is being reengineered.

Automation has played a huge part in many other industries, and has had the same effect on clinical packaging.  Although many outsiders may believe packaging to be a trivial feature in the clinical supply chain, it is in fact pivotal in reality. With such importance, what are the key considerations for producing the perfect packaging?


To be noticed on the shelves is one thing, but there are other considerations taken in the design process. One of which is child proofing. Children are often clueless and will consume and ingest unknown pharmaceutical products, which can cause tremendous harm.


Multinational trials are becoming more common due to its advantages. Consequently, this has created another challenge within packaging. Internationals trials means an international audience, thus labels needs to be translated. Whilst translating causes headaches, formatting the new text onto the restricted space can also be challenging.


From every letter to a specific colour, every printed element needs to be exactly identical. Slight variations can influence a trial massively, as some may believe a lighter orange = placebo. As a result, staff will try and guess due to natural instinct and their interaction with the patient is now influenced, affecting the outcome of the trial.

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