Why has there been an increase in Prosecco consumption?

1st January, 1970

Why has there been an increase in Prosecco consumption?

This article will look at the increase in prosecco consumption within UK & Europe.  In addition to this, the article will explore the reasons as to why there has been an increase in prosecco consumption and the impact it has had on sales across Europe.  

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in prosecco consumption across the UK. The UK is the largest exporter of prosecco with Germany coming in second. It has been recorded that prosecco sales are forecasted to hit around £12.7 million in Italy by 2020. In addition to this, the UK market is expected to grow by around 17% to reach £8.3 million in the next five years.

It has been recorded that prosecco sales have continued to outperform those of champagne. Prosecco sales came up to around £356 million in 2016 which is up by roughly 34% from 2015.

Prosecco is currently the best-selling sparkling wine in the UK across many major supermarkets. Prosecco has been listed as the consumers favourite choice of sparkling wine as its lower in price as opposed to champagne and is seen as an affordable everyday luxury. Prosecco is something easily attainable and can be a good choice for parties.

Another reason why consumers are attracted to prosecco is that it has a light and fruity taste making it very easy to drink. In addition to this, prosecco can be used to make a variety of drinks from Bellini’s to Fruit Punches.  Prosecco can also be paired with a variety of dishes.

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