The New Era – Smart Packaging

1st January, 1970

The New Era – Smart Packaging

At the basic level, the function of packaging is containment. However, as technology continues to advance at a substantial rate, the world of packaging is too. Technology has brought tremendous improvements, most notably sustainable packaging.

In recent years, a new term has emerged. Smart packaging may become the norm in the next decade. Under the umbrella of smart packaging, there are 2 branches which stems from it, active and intelligent.

Active and Intelligent Packaging

·         Active Packaging takes action such as moisture and oxygen control to ensure food is at optimum level

·         Intelligent Packaging is to do with data, features such as measuring attributes, traceability, tracking and recording

By integrating these new technologies, we are able to protect, elongate and record products more efficiently. However it is still in its infancy for a number of reasons:

·         Costs – there are huge costs associated with this technology, and therefore isn’t economically feasible at the moment

·         Sustainability – at the moment, smart packaging doesn’t fit into the recyclable world, forcing manufacturers to continue with current methods

Despite these barriers, how will smart packaging be adapted to enhance the packaging industry? Find out at this year’s PACE Europe conference as we explore this pressing topic with Eric Kaddari, Packaging Team Leader, McBride Consumer Goods. Take a look at the session details below:

Illustrating the current trends in smart packaging and how to adapt the use into a variety of different platforms for innovative designs

·         Understanding smart printing on difficult materials such as metals for innovative design

·         Integrating electronics into packaging to create easier use and help consumers

·         Upcoming areas in smart packaging, such as 3D printing, and figuring out how this can be used to give your product a cutting edge on the shelf

·         Illustrating the effects of smart packaging: Benefits of working in detail to appeal to targeted consumers

Join us at this year’s Packaging and Converting Executive Forum in Rotterdam, as we delve into new innovations that can elevate your engagement strategy. Register for your place today with code: MK-ACWEB

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