What GSEF does differently?

1st January, 1970

What GSEF does differently?

Targeted 1:1 business meetings – the GSEF team have been specifically trained to ensure 1:1 meetings are lucrative for both parties. Fully profiling senior-level executive attendees allows us to match meeting parties to ensure mutual benefit is gained from the process. This preparation also allows us to effectively equip each part with the intelligence they require, ahead of time, to ensure you have a truly valuable experience.

Interactive knowledge-sharing opportunities – the GSEF team have created a two-streamed agenda full of unique features and session formats, offering agenda sponsors an opportunity to engage with clients and target clients on a knowledge basis. Once signed up, you will be walked through the various options available and will be guided on the best topics and delivery styles to use depending on the target audience. We will ensure you reap the reward of knowledge-sharing with qualified networking with key potential clients.

Showcase-focussed exhibition space – with renewed focus on developing the GSEF exhibition space to be a hub of innovation and interaction, this will be for companies with new product lines and services to interact with interested buyer companies. Ensuring a ‘buzzing’ atmosphere throughout the exhibition, the GSEF team will ensure exhibitors are introduced to relevant parties to ensure value is gained from this package.

Informal networking features – to ensure maximum value from your 2 days at GSEF, there will be a host of informal networking features to the event both during the day and into the evening. Drinks receptions, dinners, refreshment breaks to name a few, will provide you an opportunity to engage with peers, potential partners, competitors and clients.

Access to first-hand information and a wider range of potential customers –as a standalone feature unparalleled globally, the collocation of the Global Electronics Forum (GEF) with the Global Semiconductor Forum (GSF) provides further reason to choose GSEF as your primary marketing tool. Welcoming chip and (multi-sector) application developers, you will not only have direct access to a wide-range of industry representatives, but have first-hand insight about the future expectations on both industries, allowing you to tailor your services to support these needs.

Targeted 1:1 Business Meetings
How does it work?
During the GSEF campaign key representatives from chip and electronic application developers are approached by the GSEF team with a specific invitation to attend the event. At the point of registering, as an attendee you will be asked to give information about your internal priorities, investment plans, next year budget and decision process for sourcing and selecting providers. This process allows the GSEF team to source and match interesting and relevant providers to your needs, and thus create a valuable meeting for you on site.

The information gained from chip and electronic application developers both aids the GSEF team in creating lucrative meetings, and also prepares meeting sponsors to run effective and relevant meetings. This intelligence that we collect and provide makes for a smooth and efficient meeting with results for both parties.

Both developers and suppliers have an opportunity to choose who they would like their meetings with from the attending audience. We also encourage all attendees to make suggestions to the GSEF teams of developers/providers which would make for positive meetings, who the team can then approach for attendance. There may be times when the GSEF team will suggest meetings that haven’t been selective based on our understanding of each parties’ objectives.

Approximately 2 week prior to the meeting, a schedule will be sent to each of the attending parties so that agendas for the day can be set and confirmed. Please use the GSEF team to help you with any lack of understanding or clarity.

The meeting:
On site, the meetings will take place in a private hall located separately to the agenda sessions and exhibition. In this format the GSEF team will ensure both parties are fully familiar with the process and location ahead of time. The GSEF team will ensure that neither party is kept waiting on site.

The meeting itself will last 30 minutes, and will either take place alongside areas of the programme or alternatively the meetings will be the only feature taking place at that time.

We guarantee that your meeting content will be private and that there will be no press, or other inappropriate presence with access to these meetings so that all discussions remain confidential.


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