What is the impact on hotels with regards to GDPR?

1st January, 1970

What is the impact on hotels with regards to GDPR?

This article will look at GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and its impact on hoteliers. Over the last couple of years, the hotel industry is considered as one of the most vulnerable to data threats. It was reported that the hotel industry accounts for one of the highest numbers of breaches in any sector.   

So why are hotels being breached? Well, hackers are attracted to hacking into the hotel industry due to the type of valuable customer information the industry is able to attain during its standard operations practices. Any organisation which processes a high number of financial transactions is key targets for hackers.    

Due to the many breaches by hackers, there has been a new set of regulation imposed which hoteliers must follow. This rule must be implemented by May 2018.  3 rules include:  

·         Hoteliers must provide customers with detailed information on why it needs to process personal data and how long it plans to keep the data for.  

·         Hoteliers must preserve technical and organisational records to prove its protecting data.  

·         Hoteliers will be required to have a section on their website that permits “opting in”, thus allowing hotels to store personal data. In addition to this, hotels must explain the process, allowing guests to, modify and delete personal information.  

Hoteliers all over the globe will need to comply with the new regulations. The new policies are produced to make sure that the data is managed to mitigate the risk of any adverse event materialising in the future concerning data.  

By not implementing the new GDPR rule, this will result in your organisation being hit financially with penalties, losing your reputation for not obeying the guidelines, and in the most serious cases, being banned from trading.  

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