Why is there an increase in energy drink consumption?

1st January, 1970

Why is there an increase in energy drink consumption?

This article will look to explain why there has been an increase in energy drink consumption. Energy drinks are known as beverages that promise to give the consumer an extra energy boost. Energy drinks are high in caffeine and they contain additional ingredients such as Taurine, Guarana and B vitamins.

Energy drinks over the recent years have become the drink of choice for many young people. This is because energy drinks are drunk to stay awake, increase their mental performance or to enable them to concentrate for longer.

One reason for why we have seen an increase in energy drink consumption is their marketing campaigns which target the young people. Adverts promoting energy drinks promise that these drinks will ignite your mind, refresh your body, help you party like a rock star and enhance your performance and stamina.

Another reason as to why there has been an increase in energy drink consumption is to enhance performance while playing sport. Energy drinks give athletes a caffeine boost to stay mentally focused and to enhance their performance.

To conclude, energy drinks are always been consumed and they are mainly consumed by people who would like that extra energy boost.

Energy drinks are seen as quick and convenient drinks that don’t have to be brewed or heated to get the quick caffeine boost. In addition to this, energy drinks offers a way for athletes to recover faster from exercise because of the amount of caffeine and carbs they contain.

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